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Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate - CSG 10605

Cova Security Gates
The 10605 Trackless Speed Gate is the fifth generation of bi-folding gate, designed and manufactured by Cova Security Gates Ltd. This bi fold gate for all intents and purposes is almost the same as its predecessor, the CSG 10604 Trackless Speed Gate, but ins...

Crash Tested Sliding Cantilevered Gate - CSG 10140

Cova Security Gates
The CSG 10140 Crash Tested Sliding Cantilevered Gate is designed to provide a low cost crash tested sliding gate to prevent vehicle-borne terrorist or ram-raid threat. The gate successfully passed the PAS 68:2010 test and achieved the following classification...

Bi-Folding Tracked Speed Gate - CSG 10601

Cova Security Gates
Model 10601 bi fold gate is ideally suited for special appearances and bespoke design and is frequently used by architects when specifying timber, glass and sheet steel requirements. - Opening / closing speed 4 seconds - fully programmable for slower speeds ...

Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate - CSG 10604

Cova Security Gates
The CSG 10604 Trackless Speed Gate represents the fourth generation of bi-folding gate product developed by CSG and provides the most versatile speed gate to date. With no requirement for a 'top box' or ground track, this trackless bi-folding gate truly offer...

Crash Tested Bi-Folding Gates - CSG 10640 & 10650

Cova Security Gates
The CSG 10640/50 is the world’s first crash tested Bi-Folding Speed Gate, designed to prevent vehicle borne improvised explosive devices being detonated at their intended target. - This automated bi fold gate is capable of blending seamlessly with any buildi...

Crash Tested Full Depth Road Blocker - CSG 10503

Cova Security Gates
A PAS 68: 2010 compliant crash tested road blocker, designed to withstand a hostile vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and stop the vehicle dead in its tracks. The 10503 has been successfully tested at Mira with a 7.5 ton vehicle at 50mph and can be f...

Pedestrian Gates - CSG 10700

Cova Security Gates
We highly recommend that a CSG 10700 Pedestrian Gate is installed adjacent to any CSG automated vehicular gate to provide a safe access and egress route for pedestrian traffic to and from site, thus discouraging pedestrians from using the vehicular gate. All ...

Sliding Cantilevered Gate - CSG 10103

Cova Security Gates
Constructed in modular form, the 10103 sliding gate is supplied in a range of widths and heights to suit varying site requirements. Infill options include standard vertical bars, palisade and weld mesh. This sliding gate can be finished by fully hot dip galva...


Cova Security Gates
Cova Security Gates have worked with world leading HVM Security Specialists to design and deliver our first Engineered Solution Crash Rated ‘Surface Fixed’ 30mph (48km/h) Bi-Folding Gate – CSG l0630. This unique 'SURFACE FIXED' CRASH RATED bi-folding ...