Furniture and Fittings are movable pieces of furniture, fixtures, or equipment, that enhance the appearance and functionality of a space but have no permanent connection to the structure of the building - so that’s anything from furnishing fabrics, kitchen fittings, office furniture, and educational furniture, through to cleaning and maintenance fittings, electricity supply, circulation area fittings, and everything in between.

Due to their diverse nature, Furniture and Fittings have a huge range of applications in an extensive range of scenarios, such as schools, universities, commercial kitchens, offices, domestic properties, and hotels.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the marketplace to access and compare the most diverse range of Furniture and Fitting products in the UK, including media units, signage, mirrors, sculptures, flood defence systems, cleaners’ sinks, laundry equipment, cables, switches, educational seating, writing boards, worktops, kitchen units, and cooking equipment, from leading suppliers such as Heatrae Sadia, Guldmann UK, Siematic, Atrium, Deltalight, Accoustics at Work, Breezefreeze, Décor Systems, and WPL ltd.

Freestanding Whiteboard Wall - Curved Partition Magnetic Drywipe Whiteboard Wall

Logovisual Ltd
Cross between a partition wall and a whiteboard, allowing spaces to be split and divided as required to create new work areas. This could be anything from creating a quiet corner for one to one meetings or alternatively to set up a larger work area for group s...

Hook-Up Acrylic Whiteboards - Hanging Whiteboard System

Logovisual Ltd
Hook up acrylic whiteboards are an ideal product for fit out projects. Acrylic whiteboards of a size and weight suitable enough to be portable allowing interaction between departments and teams. Produced for various locations around large open plan offices...

Mobile Whiteboard - Portable Whiteboard Collaboration Wall

Logovisual Ltd
Each mobile whiteboard collaboration wall is double sided, providing a large drywipe and magnetic receptive work space. Each unit is set on 8 wheels to provide a stable but mobile footprint and the handle at either end allows for easy re-positioning. The end p...

ThinkingWall - Square Drywipe Desk

Logovisual Ltd
This is the ThinkingWall Drywipe Desk, it features the same high quality drywipe surface as the other ThinkingWall core products, providing the ability to write notes, plans and ideas directly onto the desk top. It offers a stable and substantial work area set...

ThinkingWall Freestander Mobile Whiteboard

Logovisual Ltd
A frameless magnetic mobile whiteboard, the ThinkingWall Freestander is proving the perfect solution when wall space is in short supply. The ThinkingWall Freestander delivers the functionality of a traditional mobile whiteboard with a clean, modern and contem...

ThinkingWall Magnetic Wall Mounted Whiteboard System

Logovisual Ltd
A frameless modular magnetic whiteboard system, ThinkingWall is proving a solution of choice for discerning professionals. It delivers the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a high quality, thoroughly contemporary look and feel. - Virtually any ...

ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander - Mobile Whiteboard

Logovisual Ltd
A freestanding mobile whiteboard featuring a drywipe and magnetic receptive whiteboard on both sides with built in acoustic panels to the lower sections of the unit. - Drywipe and magnetic receptive - Double sided - Mobile and easy to move - Excellent acousti...

Custom Printed Magnetic Leaderboard

Logovisual Ltd
Custom printed magnetic leaderboards are an ideal promotional tool and can be branded with logos, graphics or simply just block colours for different events. The leaderboards are versatile and suitable for a number of different activities. We have seen ours...

Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboards

Logovisual Ltd
All our custom printed whiteboards are made to order. Either by working from your own artwork, or working with you to develop a design solution that will exceed your expectations! Our custom printed whiteboards are frameless with wrapped edges to give a clean...

Custom Printed Whiteboard - Magnetic Whiteboard Map

Logovisual Ltd
As part of our custom printed whiteboard service, we are often asked to produce magnetic maps. So far we have produced a wide variety of different styles from world maps to UK maps and closer views of specific geographical areas. Our magnetic maps feature a...

Magpics - Photograph Drywipe Magnets

Logovisual Ltd
Our drywipe MagNotes were designed as part of our LVT methodology and are a simple tool that allow the articulation, collection and organisation of ideas as part of a collaborative process. The MagPics are an extension of that idea and combine our custom print...

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