Furniture and Fittings are movable pieces of furniture, fixtures, or equipment, that enhance the appearance and functionality of a space but have no permanent connection to the structure of the building - so that’s anything from furnishing fabrics, kitchen fittings, office furniture, and educational furniture, through to cleaning and maintenance fittings, electricity supply, circulation area fittings, and everything in between.

Due to their diverse nature, Furniture and Fittings have a huge range of applications in an extensive range of scenarios, such as schools, universities, commercial kitchens, offices, domestic properties, and hotels.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the marketplace to access and compare the most diverse range of Furniture and Fitting products in the UK, including media units, signage, mirrors, sculptures, flood defence systems, cleaners’ sinks, laundry equipment, cables, switches, educational seating, writing boards, worktops, kitchen units, and cooking equipment, from leading suppliers such as Heatrae Sadia, Guldmann UK, Siematic, Atrium, Deltalight, Accoustics at Work, Breezefreeze, Décor Systems, and WPL ltd.

Merchandising Storage / Security Systems

Boston Retail Products
Loss prevention facilitated the development of Boston’s full line of Merchandising Storage & Security Systems. Keeping your customers and employees safe is our mission. Stocking and storing merchandise on warehouse racking creates a potentially dangerous sit...

VersaPanel® Display System

Boston Retail Products
Boston's VersaPanel® is a modular merchandising light display system with worldwide electrical certifications that support a range of standard and custom applications. Achieve greater product display density with amazing operational flexibility. Custom colou...

PowerTrack™ Display System

Boston Retail Products
Boston's PowerTrack™ offers a simple solution for attractively and efficiently displaying powered fixtures. With many channel lengths and receptacle spacing options, PowerTrack™ assemblies can be easily configured to meet your specific display needs. A var...

Showroom / Merchandise Displays

Boston Retail Products
Showroom Displays are discrete overhead and gondola mounted display units ideal for showcasing fans and lights in an area with limited merchandising space. Low-cost powered and non-powered showroom displays are available in over 150 powder coated color options...

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