Floor and Accessories can be used in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial properties in order to enhance functionality, performance, safety, and aesthetics.

There are a whole host of solutions that will allow you to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to a wide range of spaces – think access ways, balconies, balcony decking, floor ducts, floor finishes, floor grids, remedial flooring, secondary floors, and structural floor systems.

Utilising SpecifiedBy, you can access the largest range of products in the UK, from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including A Proctor Group Ltd, Bostik Smart Adhesives, Brinton Fine Carpet, Breezefree, Desso, EGGER UK, Flowcrete UK, Kenton Floors, Pendock, Ronacrete, Sika Limited, and Carrino Access Flooring.

Search and compare sit-on skirtings, raised loft floors, beam and block floors, loose lay mats, anti-slip deck boards, recycled glass sheets, oiled solid oak, natural solid floating wood, expo tiles, and more.

Porcelain Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
Full body porcelain stoneware tiles designed specifically for balconies, terraces and roof gardens. Available in four colours to harmoniously blend with any environment. The tiles unequaled technical performance offers an unlimited lifetime against breakage co...

Regency - Floor Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
The latest addition to the range. Our unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to quality has resulted in a riven finish so defined it is indistinguishable from natural stone. Available in an unrivalled choice of colours it provides a solution where aes...


Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
The checkerplate tile is a  timeless classic, both functional and utilitarian it delivers where a practical, anti-slip surface is sought. Uniquely our bevelled edge detail allows a continuous pattern to be achieved enhancing the overall effect. Manuf...

Antique - Floor Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
The natural  beauty of travertine is faithfully recreated  with this pattern. The tumbled edge detail and distressed appearance lends the tile added authenticity. ...

Diamond - Floor Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
Reminiscent of a traditional surface design popular in Victorian England where it was widely used in courtyards and stable blocks. This robust pattern provides plenty of grip whilst also exhibiting rustic charm. ...

Striated - Floor Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
The striated pattern exhibits natural contours to provide an organic appearance. Subsequently it has proved popular with those seeking a visually attractive finish coupled with a high degree of slip resistance. ...

Promenade Tiles from Eurodec

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
his tile finish acknowledges the simplification of form as characterised by modernist design. Both contemporary and stylish with an emphasis on the visual aesthetic....

Eclipse - Floor Tiles

Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
Inspired by the elegant beauty of natural slate flooring. The subtle riven finish reproduces the finely textured features associated with this  metamorphic stone. ...

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