Floor and Accessories can be used in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial properties in order to enhance functionality, performance, safety, and aesthetics.

There are a whole host of solutions that will allow you to add functionality and aesthetic appeal to a wide range of spaces – think access ways, balconies, balcony decking, floor ducts, floor finishes, floor grids, remedial flooring, secondary floors, and structural floor systems.

Utilising SpecifiedBy, you can access the largest range of products in the UK, from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including A Proctor Group Ltd, Bostik Smart Adhesives, Brinton Fine Carpet, Breezefree, Desso, EGGER UK, Flowcrete UK, Kenton Floors, Pendock, Ronacrete, Sika Limited, and Carrino Access Flooring.

Search and compare sit-on skirtings, raised loft floors, beam and block floors, loose lay mats, anti-slip deck boards, recycled glass sheets, oiled solid oak, natural solid floating wood, expo tiles, and more.

Underfloor, In-Screed Trunking

Cableduct Ltd
A range of trunking that is designed to be buried in the floor screed, with services brought out through service outlet boxes and junction boxes. Design to be laid and wired prior to screeding Trunking available in any width, any depth, any number of compartm...

700 series round service outlet box

Cableduct Ltd
A round floor box that can uniquely accept an infill of ANY thickness. The only round service box with a hinged cable outlet flap. Available in Stainless Steel or Brass, and supplied with a solid cast outlet flap (patent applied for GB1111031.9) to suit the d...

2000 series service outlet box

Cableduct Ltd
A high quality, unique floor box with three patented deign features, at budget prices, for any floor type, any accessory plate, any situation, and for screed, cavity, or joist installation. 50 top specifiers were consulted in its design. The result is a box t...

Surface Trunking

Cableduct Ltd
A range of stocked sizes in 25mm increments from 50x50 to 150x150 are available for next day delivery Other sizes are available to order with short lead times Up to 100x100mm stocked in 3m lengths, larger sizes in 2m lengths, other lengths available to order A...

Pedestal Boxes

Cableduct Ltd
Pedestal boxes are manufactured from 1.2mm steel, and are fitted with an earth bush. Outlets in a single box are segregated by a steel screen. They are finished in black or white as standard, and are also available powder coated to any RAL number, and availab...

500 series service outlet box

Cableduct Ltd
With no carpet trim, and recess even in the outlet flaps, the 500 series floor box is totally discrete. The flexible design enables this box to be easily modified to ANY size, and can easily be adapted to suit any requirement, including being able to fit exis...

700 series service outlet box

Cableduct Ltd
The most prestigious floor box available: the only box on the market with solid cast outlet flaps, either Stainless Steel or Brass It uniquely can accept an infill of any thickness, be it stone, marble, timber, ceramic or carpet. Available with or without a t...

Flush Floor Screed Trunking

Cableduct Ltd
A range of heavy duty floor trunking for use in screed with the lid flush with the finished floor level, giving the flexibility of re-wiring and moving outlet points without disturbing the screed. Upper surface is a removable cover, either flat or recessed to...

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