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Other popular types of Floor Finishes include; Timber Floor Finishes, Floor Tiles and Carpets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Flooring Surface Treatments include; Finish(es), Colour and Shelf Life.

Aquatread Floor System

Tor Coatings
Aquatread EP Floor Systems are a range of two-pack water based epoxy floor coatings which combine durability, resistance to chemicals, oil and grease, with very low odour when applied. Recommended for bare concrete and previously painted internal floor surfac...

Tortread SP Floor System

Tor Coatings
Tortread SP Floor Systems are a range of single-pack, general use, light duty floor coatings that offer an easy to apply, cost effective, surface with good wear resistance. Features Single-pack systems Easy to use Quick drying Good resistance to abrasion ...

Torcure MC Floor System

Tor Coatings
Torcure MC systems are single pack moisture-cured polyurethane floor coatings. The products are solvent based and exhibit fast cure times. The cured films are chemically resistant and represent the hardest finishes available from a single-pack formula. The p...

Florex Floor System

Tor Coatings
The Florex Floor Systems are a range of solvent free, high build, medium/heavy-duty epoxy resin systems that provide long life seamless finishes with excellent oil, chemical and wear resistance. Features Extremely durable and long-lasting Excellent chemic...