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Hydrothane - Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed

This polyurethane screed at 6mm - 9mm is suited to areas in very aggressive environments where it protects against mechanical and chemical damage. Hydrothane will also withstand steam cleaning and high pressure hot washes. It is ideal for bottling plants, abat...

Aquasol - Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating

A water based epoxy coating for walls and floors such as plant rooms and food preparation areas. Low odour and taint free, WRAS approved for use with potable water and with a Class 1 Fire Rating, Aquasol is easy to apply, offering a tough, decorative, wipe cle...

Levelay HDT - Heavy Duty Textured Floor Topping

Levelay HDT is a flow applied, hardwearing epoxy resin screed usually laid at a thickness of 4mm. The textured finish offers additional slip resistant properties, ideal for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic in a wide range of industrial and commercial enviro...

Levelay HD - Self Smoothing Epoxy Flooring System

Laid at 2mm - 6mm, this self-smoothing epoxy screed is totally impervious. Levelay has been used for applications ranging from food and pharmaceutical sites, nuclear plants, museums to leisure centres. With anti-static, textured and designer colour ranges avai...

Line Paint - High Visibility Epoxy Line Marking

To complement the Conren range of coatings and screeds, this high visibility epoxy line paint is used for defining pedestrian walkways, forklift aisles and hazard areas, highlighting safety in the workplace. ...

FS Screed - Heavy Duty Epoxy Floor Screed

Far stronger than concrete, FS Screed has been developed to take heavy wear in industrial and civil engineering environments. For reinstatements and repairs, this system outperforms conventional screeds. ...

Floorplate - Industrial Shake on Flooring

Used as a dry surface dressing for new build construction, Floorplate topping is power-floated into freshly laid concrete to create a monolithic, heavy duty industrial floor surface. ...

Enamelcoat - High Build Epoxy Resin Coating

Easy to clean and maintain, Enamelcoat high build solvent-free coating can be used in virtually any industry for floors and walls. With excellent chemical resistant properties, this system is also often used for protecting bunded areas....

Highseal F1 - Elastomeric Fuel Resistant Joint Sealant

A hot applied one part elastomeric sealant developed for sealing joints in concrete pavements. It is highly resistant to fuel spillages and is used for areas such as airport runways, petrol stations, fuel depots etc. Independently tested to conform to ASTM D35...

Dustguard - Epoxy Resin Floor Coating

Workshops, factories and aircraft hangars alike can benefit from the hardwearing properties of this epoxy coating. The resin is designed to seal and dustproof, producing a low maintenance finish. ...

Lapidolith - Concrete Hardener - Dustproofer

A clear liquid chemical case hardener, Lapidolith dustproofs and improves the wear and protection of concrete and terrazzo floors in areas such as commercial warehousing and retail outlets. The product seals in depth into the matrix of the substrate providing ...

Flexijoint - Movement Joint Sealant

An epoxy joint system to fill and improve the wear and tear on arris edges. Allowing for normal movement in the concrete slab, the flexible nature of the system is suitable for crack induced/sawn joints and pre-formed expansion joints. ...