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Acrylicon Flake-Granito System

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
The AcryliCon Flake System is 2 mm to 3 mm thick and contains decorative flakes within its chemically bonded coating system. The unparalleled long-lasting system is aesthetically versatile and primarily designed for heavy foot traffic and moderate industrial e...

Acrylicon Decor System

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
The AcryliCon Décor System is a colour-quartz filled, trowel applied coating with extraordinary performance that is ideal for wet or heavily abraded areas where hygiene and cleanliness are required. Not only does this innovative monolithic system have excelle...

Acrylicon Lacquer system

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
The Arylicon Lacquer System is a pigmented, mono-colour painting system, based on solvent free, non yellowing, low viscosity, 2 component Methacrylate Resin. The Lacquer System is based on our unique sealer 1071M, which has a very high abrasion resistance. Our...

Acrylicon Industry system

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
Acrylicon Industry System is a Shrink-resistant, solvent free, two component Methacrylate based resin. Designed for concrete repair and floors in industries with heavy chemical and mechanical impact. The Acrylicon Industry System gives a pore free and easy to ...

Acrylicon Variant System

Acrylicon UK Distribution Ltd
The thickness of the floor may vary from 1mm to 3mm depending on the level of impact resistance required by the customer. The Variant System has a compressive strength of 98N/mm (14,200 psi) and is extremely easy to clean even with heavy traffic. The slip resi...