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Bracket Angle - Type 1

ACS Stainless
Conventional masonry support system. This system also consists of a continuous angle, but with brackets welded to the vertical leg of the angle. The brackets are then fixed to the structural frame. This is the most economical system for wider cavities, as the ...

Continuous Angle - Type 2

ACS Stainless
The most basic support system consists of a continuous angle fixed directly to the structural frame. The efficiency of this system significantly decreases with wider cavities. In most cases, bricklayers prefer to work off a continuous angle....

Individual Bracket - Type 3

ACS Stainless
This system consists of individual horizontal ledges to support the brickwork. It is recommended for use along stretches of curved or irregular masonry....

Insulation Retaining Clip

ACS Stainless
The ACS insulation retaining clip can be used on the full range of ACS wall ties. The positive 'CLICK' action will allow the ties to fit to the formed cavity ties and frame cramps, and also allows the clip to fit to the full range of wire and strip ties as wel...

Fixings and Fasteners

ACS Stainless
ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd offer a full range of fixings, fasteners and tools to complement their own products....