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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Fencing and Railings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Fixed Barriers include; Height, Colour and Max Height.


CLD Fencing Systems
The Ultimate Extra» profiled welded steel wire mesh panel system offers close wire centres which, combined with increased wire diameter and the RHS post and channel clamp strip, give it great strength and make it difficult to climb. This makes for an exceptio...

SECURUS - Fixed Barriers

CLD Fencing Systems
The Securus» flat panel welded steel wire mesh system has been used in many and varied applications including perimeter security to schools and police stations. The flat Securus» welded steel wire mesh fence system has become increasingly popular as a reboun...

MULTIPLUS - Fixed Barriers

CLD Fencing Systems
The Multiplus» is a welded steel wire mesh panel with longitudinal profiles to form a rigid welded steel wire mesh fence, sometimes refered to as Paladin style fencing. The mesh configuration is 6mm dia. Horizontal wires at 200 mm centres with 4 mm vertical w...


CLD Fencing Systems
The CLD Sports rail system is manufactured from 50/60mm tubular steel in a simple design to make for easy installation. This sports rail system is used for the perimeter of running tracks, school sports grounds, sports arenas and training centers. Sports Rail ...

DULOK-25 - Fixed Barriers

CLD Fencing Systems
The Dulok-25 Double Wire high security, welded steel wire mesh panel system can be used in applications such as data centres, secure units, MOD sites and police stations. With its twin 8 mm wire configuration and 25 mm spaced 6 mm vertical wires making this on...


CLD Fencing Systems
CLD specialise in the manufacture of complete ballcourts and sports pitch fencing systems ranging from full size rugby pitches to domestic kick about areas and are able to incorporate a wide range of features that enable multisports to be played in the same lo...


CLD Fencing Systems
CLD Ballstop Netting is a strong and durable netting designed for integrating with multi use games areas or where there needs to be better ball containment within the pitch. This Ballstop Netting is weather proof due to its nylon composition and is ideally sui...


CLD Fencing Systems
CLD are able to enhance and increase the security level of fencelines by offering a wide range of Active Intruder security topping systems that can be manufactured as an integral part of the system or supplied later as a bolt-on attachment, ranging from simple...


CLD Fencing Systems
This architecturally driven product has the ability to blend into any situation where appearance and security needs to be combined. Strong profiled louvres are fused together with a high electrical voltage to give the very best longevity and aesthetics, whilst...

VIZOGRIL - Fixed Barriers

CLD Fencing Systems
Vizogril» mesh system is renowned for its stability in the architectural world, the strong panel make up and visual effect makes this system top class for performance and of course the added value of security comes naturally. The feel and look of this product...