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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Railings and Temporary External Walls.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Fencing include; Colour, Material and Length.

FST® Flexible Security Topping

Binns Fencing Ltd
FST® is currently the most secure topping system available on the market. The registered design has been developed by the experienced high security design team at Binns and is the resullt of our programme of continuous innovation. FST® is a registered desig...

Welded Mesh

Binns Fencing Ltd
Binns’ rectangular mesh is electrically welded at every junction for maximum strength and rigidity and is available in two different wire gauges with two different spacings. Heights can be specified to order between 0.9–5.2m and additional security toppin...

Chain Link

Binns Fencing Ltd
Low-cost, light, strong, unobtrusive and requiring virtually no maintenance, chain link fencing is the ideal solution for general use. Available in a galvanised or PVC coated finish with straining and intermediate posts in either concrete or steel. Heights ca...

Palisade - Fencing

Binns Fencing Ltd
The vertical pales are available in either ‘W’ or ‘D’ section profiles and the tops can be either rounded or, for added security, pointed or triple pointed and splayed. Heights can be specified to order between 1–3.6m and extensions can be fitted to...