Search 8 Fabrications from leading Built-up Roof and Wall Cladding manufacturers including; Design & Display Structures Ltd, OAG and Euroclad.

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Other popular types of Built-up Roof and Wall Cladding include; Bespoke Metal Fabrications, Roof Drainage and Rainscreen.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Fabrications include; Material, Finish(es) and Max Length.

Roof Refurbishment

One of the most sustainable approaches to construction is to refurbish an existing structure. Euroclad products and systems lend themselves to refurbishment applications perfectly and can help achieve a faster, more cost effective build with less local disrupt...


Standing seam roof systems are over 30 years old and involve the 'zipping up' of a rolled side lap over supporting halters. The sheet side laps are closed using a Mechanical Seaming Tool to rollform the 'Fixed Seam Overlap Radius', creating attachment to the h...

Vieo - Fabrications

Traditional seam roofs date back hundreds of years and use materials like lead, copper and zinc which, despite advances in prefabrication techniques and fixing technology, require a highly skilled, specialised installer to achieve a good installation. Sheets w...


Early fabrications were simple corner for horizontally laid profiled wall sheets. The use of curved sheeting for roofs drove the development of curved flashings. Now the industry demands a wide and varied range of products and materials that include everything...

Profiled - Fabrications

A profiled wall utilises metal cladding with trapezoidal, sinusoidal or half round profiles fixed to the steel structure of a building. Cladding panels can be produced in 6 different profiles which can be laid horizontally or vertically and can be manufacture...