External Works systems and solutions cover any features that can be used to finish and enhance the external areas of residential, commercial and industrial environments - adding value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking for high quality external enclosures, landscaped areas, outdoor and street furniture, outdoor lighting, outdoor surfaces, or roads and pavings, there are a number of different products available.

SpecifiedBy allows you to search the marketplace from one, easy to navigate platform, meaning you can access and compare the most extensive range of External Works products from a wide range of manufacturers, including Low Carbon Lighting, Langley Design External Furniture Solutions and Marshalls Street Furniture.

Source composite decking boards, eco decking, flood protection, sandstone paving, concrete paving, cast iron tree grilles, litter bins, stainless steel bollards, iron bollards, cycle shelters, tree benches, brindle pavers, and more.

Addastone Tree Pit

Addagrip Terraco
Addastone Tree Pit is designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system, using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates. Available in either Epoxy or a UV stable Polyurethane, the resin binder is mixed with our range of natu...

Addabound - Surfacing

Addagrip Terraco
Addabound resin bound surfacing has been developed due to customer demand to include a minimum of 25% recycled content of aggregate and filler. The attractive and all new Addabound range of decorative porous surfacing incorporates our latest UV stable resin...

Addacolor - Surfacing

Addagrip Terraco
Addacolor retains all of the benefits of our standard resin bound paving and is ideally suited to those projects that require a splash of colour both inside and out. Addacolor is UV stable and ideal for demarcation, logos, patterns and designs as well as regu...

Terrabase Rustic

Addagrip Terraco
Terrabase Rustic is an innovative patented paving system that provides a decorative and natural rustic looking permeable surface, suitable for pedestrian footpaths and areas subject to occasional trafficking by light vehicles. Depending on your requirements, ...

Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing

Addagrip Terraco
The Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing System provides an attractive, hard wearing and low maintenance surface by bonding or fixing loose gravel aggregates to concrete, asphalt, wood or metal. Aggregates bonded in this way give the appearance of loose gravel w...

Addaset - Surfacing

Addagrip Terraco
The Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing System provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface using a range of natural and recycled aggregates. The finished surface is a seamless bound paving system which is flexible and resistant ...


Addagrip Terraco
Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing is our commercial grade resin bound surfacing system, introduced to provide a more cost effective solution for large and small projects. Terrabound is available in a select range of natural aggregates and provides a seamless...

Addagrip1000 System

Addagrip Terraco
The Addagrip 1000 System Resin has been specifically developed to treat frost damaged, spalled or smooth concrete airfield pavements, concrete roads, concrete ramps and steps. A major problem with concrete is that deterioration is caused by latent defects, c...

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