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Other popular types of External Wall Finishes include; Rendering, Rainscreen Cladding and Timber Cladding.

Important criteria to consider when specifying External Wall Coatings include; Typical Use, Finish(es) and Material.

Unicover Ultra S

Tor Coatings
Unicover Ultra S Roof and Cladding Finish has been specifically designed to provide a high performance and attractive finish for the refurbishment, decoration and protection of weathered roof and vertical sheet cladding. The system covers common substrates su...

Torshield Masonry Systems

Tor Coatings
The Torshield Masonry Smooth System offers a long life, high performance coating suitable for use on external new or previously painted surfaces. It is also suitable for use on well-adhered external surfaces including brickwork, pebble dashed surfaced and Ty...

Unicover W

Tor Coatings
Unicover W has been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of external vertical wall cladding and large internal projects. It allows re-colouring for corporate re-branding or change of ownership or simply extends the life cycle of the clad...

Torprufe EMF Masonry System

Tor Coatings
Torprufe EMF is an elastomeric water-based acrylic coating system. It has been designed for high performance decoration and protection of external masonry, including cement, concrete and cementitious renders, giving a matt, opaque finish. Features Long te...

Unicover S

Tor Coatings
Unicover S has been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of architectural cladding. In many cases the system can be applied in a single coat. It allows re-colouring for corporate re-branding, change of ownership or it can be used to s...