Search 130+ External Planters from leading Landscaped Areas manufacturers including; WoodBlocX, Langley Design and Westminster Stone Co Ltd.

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Other popular types of Landscaped Areas include; Flagpoles, Landscape Decking and Gazebos & Pergolas.

Important criteria to consider when specifying External Planters include; Material, Width and Height.

850 / 852 Timber/Cast iron planters

C I S Street Furniture
The 850 type planter is the most versatile within the range. Its modular construction gives many varying sizes, based around the size of 1.2 metres. It’s composite construction combines cast, steel and timber elements, giving the benefit of robustness with...

Timber planters

C I S Street Furniture
These timber planters can be made from either quality hard or soft woods and are available in a variety of sizes. All timber is cut from managed forests. Choices of timber are: tropical hardwood, European or English hardwood. Softwoods available are Canadian, ...


C I S Street Furniture
The 801 planter offers a very deep planting base suitable for more mature plants or even some small types of tree. There is good provision within the base for drainage. Feet are also added underneath the planter for easy movement on site (via the use of fork...