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High Power Busbar

The high power, super compact Zucchini busbar range provides a complete solution for power supply stations and transformer to main panel board connections. The SCP system is synonymous with the best choice in power distribution for commercial, industrial and s...

Medium Power Busbar

Zucchini medium power busbars (MS and MR) are ideal for power distribution in applications up to 1000 A, offering speed, simplicity and flexibility during planning and installation. Both systems (MS and particularly MR) are perfect solutions for rising mains....


Intersoc-R is a modular desk power system designed to meet the demands of modern workplaces for faster and more adaptable solutions. Designed with speed of installation and flexibility in mind, Intersoc-R's modular configuration enables thousands of different ...

Low Power Busbar

LB PLUS is the new range of Zucchini busbar for the distribution of power from 25 to 63 A. With a single product, Zucchini replaces the LB, HL, and SL ranges, offering a busbar that is simpler, better performing, and easier to install....

Non Standard Socket

Electrak's range of non standard unswitched twin socket outlets combined with their unique 'key plugs', offer a convenient and safe method of preventing unauthorised disconnection or use of equipment. Easy to wire key plugs twist fit into the double shuttered ...

Grommets - Electricity Distribution Equipment

The Electrak range of cleaner’s grommets are the latest addition to its power and data grommets range. Within their 169mm diameter, the grommet can house a lat RCD socket and provide ample space for the user to plug in or unplug equipment....

Intersoc on-desk

The new Electrak Intersoc on-desk range brings power, data and USB charging capability to the modern work station. With its contoured edges, clean line and stylish aluminium and mirror white finish, Intersoc on-desk blends in perfectly with contemporary office...

P17 Tempra

Legrand's new P17 Tempra Pro range of LV 16 and 32A plugs and sockets offers improved strength, safety and a wealth of design features that add simplicity and speed to the installation process....

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