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AIRGUARD. Back Board for hand dryers, maintaining a clean, safe environment for users.

Veltia UK Limited
AIRGUARD is a light weight anti-bacterial backboard which protects walls and assists in infection control. AIRGUARD’s anti-bacterial additive prevents bacteria surviving, effectively starving them to death. Our formulation is proven to kill 99.9% of a...

VA Air Tap. Hand Drying made simple. No Mess, No wall space, functional and elegant

Veltia UK Limited
Hand Drying made Simple. A high speed hand dryer that is hidden below deck with only a spout affixed to the wash basin, which creates a new clutter free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands directly after washing them with all the water going int...

VERDEdri DDA Hi-Speed Surface Mounted, Hands Under Dryer

Veltia UK Limited
Robust and designed for life, the World Dryer brand speaks for itself” VERDEdri™ is a high speed, surface-mounted DDA compliant (protrudes from the wall 100mm or less) hand dryer featuring HEPA filtration system and antimicrobial technology. VERDEdr...

V7 Tri-Blade Low noise hands in dryer

Veltia UK Limited
3 blades of air strategically placed to dry your hands in under 10 seconds. Water collection as standard as well as Microban antimicrobial protection, impregnated at the manufacturing stage Microban inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Microb...

F4 Eco Hand Dryer. ADA Compliant Hand Dryer

Veltia UK Limited
High Speed, surface mounted eco-efficient hand dryer for all market sectors and locations. Available in 3 finishes, this DDA compliant hand dryer really does give the user all the options, from controllable power output to hygienically cleaner air. All wr...

F5 Eco Owl - Low noise hands under dryer with children in mind

Veltia UK Limited
Designed to engage with children of all ages whilst promoting hand hygiene and efficiency within the washroom environment. Eco-Owl features effective hand drying, whilst still maintaining a Superefficient engine capable of running at just 500 watts. Qu...

Veltia V Fusion - LOW NOISE Hand Dryer. Pulls off the impossible, Low Noise, for an effective and comfortable user experience

Veltia UK Limited
Innovation is in Veltia’s DNA, the V Fusion continues that trend with the introduction of Veltia patented acoustic dampening system (ADS), creating a comfortable noise in which the user may effectively dry their hands. The V Fusion remains eco efficient ...

F1 Eco - High speed hand dryer

Veltia UK Limited
Thanks to a unique external adjustment the F1 Eco gives the user the ability to increase or decrease both the power and noise level, therefore adapting to its environment. Internally the F1 Eco benefits from switchable heating allowing the user to gain a fu...

V7 300 Low Noise, Hands in dryer

Veltia UK Limited
300 jets of air strategically placed to remove the water from both sides of your hands without the need for continuous hand movement. The V7-300 gives the user a comfortable hand drying experience whilst the 300 jets ‘massage’ the hands dry. Water coll...

F5 Eco - High speed low noise hand dryer

Veltia UK Limited
Super efficient, small in size, big in performance and value. Veltia UK’s first ‘entry level’ high speed hand dryer features quality stainless steel casing, available in 3 finishes. The ‘intelligent heater system’ and a super-efficient engine are...

SMARTdri, High speed, Energy efficient hands under dryer

Veltia UK Limited
SMARTdri™ Series high-speed hand dryers are the most energy efficient, durable, hygienic hand dryers on the market today. SMARTdri’s proprietary motor technology offers the longest service life of any high-speed hand dryer. The intelligent, flexible contro...

World Dyer SLIMdri ADA Compliant Hand Dryer

Veltia UK Limited
SLIMdri is an energy efficient, surface mounted and ADA compliant hand dryer. The SLIMdri hand dryer is perfect for all commercial washrooms. The On/Off heating control, stylish low profile design with flexible cover options and universal voltage features fi...