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Other popular types of General Purpose Lighting include; Wall Lighting , Pendant Lights and Within Ceiling Lighting.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Downlighters include; IP Rating, Colour and Dimmable.

Prismashield Elite

Holophane Europe Ltd
Designed to meet the demanding environments of a metro or rail infrastructure application, Prismashield Elite is a robust, stylish and multi functional luminaire. Prismashield Elite can withstand severe physical attack, exposure to weather and vibration. The...


Holophane Europe Ltd
Performance through Technology - Taking high bay lighting to new levels of lumen output with superior light control. Haloprism fuses the latest in LED technology with the distinguished dynamics of Holophane s durable prismatic glass optics. Combined to delive...


Holophane Europe Ltd
Atlanta combines form and function for lighting covered car parks and an array of other applications. The unique circular low profile housing and slender body contours provide an elegant solution for low to medium mounting height applications. Utilising energ...

Mini Corniche

Holophane Europe Ltd
Mini Corniche downlight, made of extruded, painted, corrosion resistant, aluminium alloy....


Holophane Europe Ltd
We have thought of a synthesis product between technique and design. The result is a compact and intuitive polyhedral element in its shape and use. Different light and atmosphere projections are obtained changing the support base. Suitable for fixing effect li...

Spot 200

Holophane Europe Ltd
Spot 200 bulkhead downlight, made of die cast aluminium alloy, corrosion resistant....

Spot 100

Holophane Europe Ltd
Spot 100 bulkhead downlight, made of die cast aluminium alloy, corrosion resistant....


Holophane Europe Ltd
Circus downlight made of corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium alloy....


Holophane Europe Ltd
Obl ceiling recessed downlight made of corrosion resistant, die-cast, painted EN 44100 aluminium alloy....


Holophane Europe Ltd
Ceiling Recessed, 400 Stainless Steel Ring Downlighter....

Mini Corniche Ceiling

Holophane Europe Ltd
Mini Corniche ceiling recessed downlight, made of extruded, corrosion resistant, aluminium alloy....


Holophane Europe Ltd
Pix bulkhead downlight made of die-cast aluminium alloy, corrosion resistant....