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Other popular types of General Purpose Lighting include; Wall Lighting , Pendant Lights and Within Ceiling Lighting.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Downlighters include; IP Rating, Colour and Dimmable.

Jilly square

ERCO Lighting Ltd
Jilly surface-mounted luminaires are suitable for the particularly efficient, standard-compliant lighting of office workplaces - in rooms with solid ceilings and also for uncomplicated modernisation purposes. The elegant, flat housing and striking anti-dazzle ...

Compar Square

ERCO Lighting Ltd
High quality surface-mounted luminaires are the right choice for rooms with solid ceilings and also for simple modernisation purposes. For office spaces and many other applications in the management sector or public buildings, the Compar range offers surface-m...

Atrium double focus

ERCO Lighting Ltd
Atrium double focus downlights are especially suitable for high rooms thanks to their high luminous flux and specific light distributions. The lens systems consisting of a collimator and Spherolit lens generate narrow downlight distributions, or as wallwashers...


ERCO Lighting Ltd
Integrated unobtrusively as a filigree light source into the ceiling, the downlight of the Starpoint range provides efficient ambient lighting. Using the wide light distribution, it illuminates large areas, whereas the oval version marks out pathways. The shal...


ERCO Lighting Ltd
The need for high performance lighting applies equally to the exterior environment. The Compact downlight combines brilliant light with the familiar durability of ERCO's other exterior solutions. Extra wide flood and oval flood as different light distributions...