Search 1230+ Downlighters from leading General Purpose Lighting manufacturers including; Astro Lighting Ltd, Fagerhult and Orlight Ltd.

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Other popular types of General Purpose Lighting include; Wall Lighting , Pendant Lights and Within Ceiling Lighting.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Downlighters include; IP Rating, Colour and Dimmable.


Cosiness is large and round; of that the Superdome is proof. This hanging fitting was initially created as an XXL version of Tweeter, one of the award winners in the collection. The Superdome is perfectly at home in double ceiling heights, or just as an atmosp...

MINI SPY - Downlighters

The Spy and the Mini Spy are a hybrid of elegance and flexibility. The tube-shaped ceiling lights are ideal as accent lights or for task lighting Both versions use the Ex-centric Rotation System (ERS) developed and patented by Delta Light. This means that they...

METRONOME - Downlighters

The METRONOME is a completely new product range, associated with the HUSK, but unique on its own. The design is characterised by a waterfall of flexible strips, either with or without the signature upper piece of the HUSK. Expect for 3 static elements, each al...


This splendid 50 W/12 V halogen spot can be supplied in countless ways: with a broad or narrow edge, directable or fixed, double or single. Because it is deeply recessed Diro provides a high level of visual comfort. In the version with the wide edge there are ...