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Hunter Defender

Kingsway Group
Hunter Defender doors have been designed specifically for seclusion areas where the door requires additional locking points. Our locking system for the Defender doors has three deadbolts that automatically engage in to the frame when the door is closed to prov...

Hunter Swing

Kingsway Group
Hunter Swing is the name given to our anti barricade doors which incorporates our specialist hardware. These have been designed and manufactured specifically for bedrooms to provide a solution that overcomes barricade situations allowing inward opening doors t...

Hunter Elite

Kingsway Group
Hunter Elite forms the back bone of the Hunter doorset range. Hunter Elite doorsets are the ideal solution for areas of communal use, staff use, corridor doors, riser doors and all other general areas such as cleaning rooms and kitchens. Manufactured to our o...

Hunter En-Suite

Kingsway Group
Hunter En Suite is the specialist solution for en suite doors in high risk areas. Our angled top en suite doors are manufactured to reduce ligature risk whilst still maintaining privacy and dignity. Manufactured to our own special machining detail the En Suite...