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Other popular types of Special Purpose Lighting include; Medical Lighting, Commercial Lighting and Daylighting Luminaires.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Display Lighting include; CE Marking, Colour and IP Rating.


ERCO Lighting Ltd
Light, not luminaires-this is the foundation on which the sleek, cylindrical shape of Parscan is modelled. Different lighting solutions can be implemented efficiently thanks to precise and flexible photometrics. If the spotlight is directed vertically downward...


ERCO Lighting Ltd
Opton is ideal for shop windows and salesrooms thanks to a particularly low height and a high luminous flux. ERCO achieves this with the intelligent positioning of control gear and luminaire head. The cast aluminium luminaire head ensures a long life thanks to...


ERCO Lighting Ltd
Cantax produces the perfect beam - brilliant, evenly bright and with a soft edge. The technology originates from ERCO: innovative Spherolit technology, which is easily exchanged for different applications, making Cantax the ideal tool to meet the highest light...


ERCO Lighting Ltd
Oseris is a brilliant concept designed to enrich the world of digital lighting-the swivel joint is bevelled flush against the semi-spherical light head for a sleek design. As well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the lighting tool, the idea behind this fea...