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Grant ThermaWave Thermal Stores

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd
With rising fuel prices, it is now more important than ever to look for ways to lower home heating costs and save energy. Many people are opting for renewable technologies to heat their homes; however, finding a way of combining several renewable technologies ...

Grant DuoWave Cylinders

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd
The DuoWave range of mains pressure hot water cylinders were developed to meet the growing demand for systems that combine a renewable heat source with a standard oil, gas or electric boiler. They are particularly suitable for use with solar hot water systems ...

Grant Heat Pump Cylinders

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd
The Grant range of stainless steel heat pump cylinders is specifically matched to Aerona air to water heat pump range which incorporates a larger primary coil for quicker heat transference. The cylinders are available in seven indirect single coil versions ran...

Grant DuoWave Plus Cylinders

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd
Stainless steel open-vented or unvented indirect triple-coil mains pressure hot water cylinders for combining solid fuel, biomass, gas, electric or oil-fired boilers and solar thermal systems. The Grant DuoWave Plus is a further development of the DuoWave...