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Dramix 3D Steel Fibers For Concrete Reinforcement

Often imitated, never equaled Ever since its introduction – now more than 40 years ago – the “single hook” Dramix® series has been the reference in steel fiber reinforcement, and is still outperforming competitors today. The reference in steel fiber...

Dramix 5D Steel Fibres For Concrete Reinforcement

Unseen levels of performance Thanks to their unique shape and capabilities, the Dramix® 5D steel fibres provide performance levels which until now could only be realized with traditional reinforcement. Unique steel fibre design The Dramix® 5D steel fibres...

Dramix Booster - Automatic Dosing Equipment

The Dramix® Booster allows you to dose your Dramix® fibres in the fastest and most accurate way without burdening your working personnel. The Dramix® Booster equipment adds the Dramix® steel fibres into the mixer, to be uniformly distributed into the conc...

Dramix Steel Fibre Reinforcement For Precast Elements

With Dramix Green steel fibers, concrete reinforcement has never been this productive and cost-effective. With its Dramix® Green galvanized steel fibers, Bekaert has redefined the way we think about concrete reinforcement. Durable quality, smooth and corros...

Strands For Prestressed Concrete

3 wire strands and 7 wire strands (7.8mm, 12.5mm, 15.3mm, 15.5mm, 15.7mm). According EN 10138, ASTM A 416, BS 5896, customer’s specification Left and right stranding Dry and waxed surfaces Normal (max 8%) and low (max 2.5%) relaxation Make-up: coils 500kg (3...

Dramix Steel Fibre Reinforcement For Tunnel Applications

Meet Dramix® steel fibers, the most reliable and cost-effective concrete reinforcement solution today. You care to know that we have the largest steel fiber production capacity in the world? That’s exactly why we can guarantee continuous availability of o...

Dramix Steel Fiber Reinforcement For Industrial Floors

Industrial concrete floors need to be impact resistant and durable. Other key requirements are: high load bearing capacity and resistance to crack formation and fatigue. Dramix® steel fibers meet all these requirements. Steel fiber concrete is thinner, cheap...

Dramix Steel Fiber Reinforcement For Residential Applications

As Dramix® steel fibers are conquering today’s construction community, a new world of business opportunities, markets and applications is opening up for your company. So step into the world of Dramix® and discover your possibilities today. Welcome to a w...

Dramix Steel Fibers For Civil Works

Dramix® steel fibers offer general contractors the most reliable and cost-effective concrete reinforcement solution today. You want to innovate without risk: we detect and scan possibilities, prove and support new reinforcement solutions. What’s more, you...

Wires For Prestressed Concrete

Diameter range: 2.0mm – 7.0mm cold drawn, normal relaxation (8%), low relaxation (2.5%) plain and 3 sided indents Tensile strength: 1600-1800MPa Make-up: coils – weight 100kg-1000kg depending on diameter...

Dramix 4D Steel Fibres For Concrete Reinforcement

Designed with serviceability in mind Providing optimal crack control, the Dramix® 4D steel fibres are specifically designed for durable and liquid-tight structures, and for usage in combined reinforcement....

Dramix Steel Fiber Reinforcement For The Mining Industry

Dramix® is the most cost effective reinforcement for shotcrete applications in tunnels and other underground structures like inverts. Thanks to its high performance in the concrete matrix, as well as its technical advantages and tight quality standards, Dra...