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Other popular types of Film & Foil include; Glass, Waterproofing Membranes and Timber-Based Boards.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Composite Panels include; Material, Length and Thickness.


Polyrey UK
Decorative surface laminated to plasterboard, conferring increased resistance to shocks, scratches and tasks. Finished product for use in a system partition or mobile ERP IGH....


Polyrey UK
HPL attractive and high resistant, it revolves around pure white and deep black. Deep dyed with through - colour core, it eliminates the appearance of brown line thus creating a depth of color that enhances the decor....

EMPREINTE - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
Chipboard core, a decorative sheet laminated obtained by a process of direct digital printing. Excellent resistance to scratching and abrasion, the panels are ready -to -use....

REYSIPUR - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
Has a exceptional hardness, rotproof in nature and hygienic. It is suitable in high traffic public areas, humid applications, communities, food, health, etc.....


Polyrey UK
Exclusive design surface with enhanced perfomances, to support your boldest and most demanding projects. PROTECT+ gives you the guarantee of a premium quality, superior to the standard requirements. Ideal for high traffic environments....


Polyrey UK
Unique material for its attractiveness and quality. It brings a modernisation to the furniture by creating massive piece around the pure white and deep black. Blanc Absolu fire retardant by nature....

PANOPREY - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
Decorative wood panel scratch resistant and waterproof. Recommended for vertical use in furniture, it is also used in partition. Ready-to-use, it provides simplicity and time saving solutions....

POLYPREY - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
Bonded board with HPL which gives excellent surface properties: strength, durability and hygiene. Ready to use, it is a time saving solution, with exceptional finish....

HPL - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
High performance laminates suitable for all design projects and interior design: excellent surface resistance, antibacterial properties and application flexibility for total freedom of expression....

PUR Metal - Composite Panels

Polyrey UK
A true metal foil laminate, aluminum provides a feeling of quality. Fireproof material by nature, bendable and lightweight, it enhances furniture and walls....