In any environment, fire protection, pest control, safety, transport and communication should always be a top priority – Communications, Transport and Security systems and solutions allow you to enhance these areas of your project and ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are a whole host of Communications, Transport, and Security products that can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial properties, including security gates and bars, bullet resistant windows, battery powered carbon monoxide alarms, platform lifts, security shutters, docking pads, self contained platform lifts, shipping containers, firestop cushions, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare effective communication, transport and security products from an extensive range of quality and performance focused manufacturers in the UK, including Cardea Solutions, BRK, Bolton Gate and BIGASS Fans.

Advent xt - Audio/Visual Communication Systems

Tynetec Ltd
The Advent xt is an alarm and communication system designed specifically for grouped housing schemes. Used with the Altec range of Telecare Sensors and the optional Ethernet Interface Kit the Advent xt offers true Telecare facilities. All alarm call and activi...

Advent xt Combined Door Entry

Tynetec Ltd
The Advent xt system can be expanded by adding a fully integrated door entry facility with true dual speech paths to ensure that door entry operation does not interrupt alarm handling. The addition of the door entry system enables the combined installation cos...

Reach - Audio/Visual Communication Systems

Tynetec Ltd
The Tynetec Reach, at home alarm unit brings together the most sophisticated electronic solutions with cutting edge design, functional ergonomics and customer flexibility. Not only does the Tynetec Reach offer a huge selection of features and benefits such as...

Reach Plus

Tynetec Ltd
The Reach plus at-home alarm unit incorporates all of the fantastic features of the Reach unit but with the addition of a built in real time clock. This enables the unit to be used for activity monitoring across a number of timed periods. The unit can also be ...

Deaf Smoke Alarm Kit

Tynetec Ltd
The Deaf Smoke Alarm Kit is designed exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing people. If a fire is detected the Smoke Alarm sounds, the Strobe Light flashes, the Pillow Pad vibrates and an alarm call is transmitted. The Control Centre or Local manager can asse...

PIR Movement Detector

Tynetec Ltd
PIR Movement Detectors should be wall mounted at high level in the hallway or living room to monitor movement within the dwelling. PIR’s can be used for activity monitoring or intruder detection; Activity Mode; if no movement is detected within a preset per...

Reach Plus GSM

Tynetec Ltd
The Reach plus GSM not only negates the requirement of a fixed telephone line but enables the monitoring of Telehealth & Activities of Daily Living through Tynetec’s Intelligent Care, cloud based platform. For those looking for a local carer solution, as soo...

Gas Detector

Tynetec Ltd
Gas Detectors should be wall mounted above door height in the kitchen, living room or anywhere with a gas appliance. Do not fit in bathrooms, directly above cookers or in draughty areas. If a dangerous level of gas is detected a local alarm will sound and an a...

Activity Monitoring

Tynetec Ltd
Intelligent Care - Web Based Activity Monitoring Solution Intelligent Care is a one system fits all approach to the personal monitoring of Telecare & Telehealth as well as the activities of daily living, supporting people to live independently in their own ho...

Smoke Detector

Tynetec Ltd
Smoke Detectors should be ceiling mounted in hallways, living rooms or bedrooms, they are not suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. When activated a local alarm will sound and an alarm call will be transmitted. The Control Centre or Local Manager can speak wit...

Flood Detector

Tynetec Ltd
Flood Detectors should be located on the floor below the bath, wash basin or kitchen sink or anywhere a tap could be left running. Flood Detectors can be free standing or screw fixed to the skirting board with an optional mounting bracket. If a flood is detect...

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