In any environment, fire protection, pest control, safety, transport and communication should always be a top priority – Communications, Transport and Security systems and solutions allow you to enhance these areas of your project and ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are a whole host of Communications, Transport, and Security products that can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial properties, including security gates and bars, bullet resistant windows, battery powered carbon monoxide alarms, platform lifts, security shutters, docking pads, self contained platform lifts, shipping containers, firestop cushions, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare effective communication, transport and security products from an extensive range of quality and performance focused manufacturers in the UK, including Cardea Solutions, BRK, Bolton Gate and BIGASS Fans.

ievo Ultimate™ Fingerprint Reader for Access Control

ievo Ltd
The ievo ultimate is a CPNI certified fingerprint scanner that combines an industry-leading multispectral imaging sensor with advanced security features. Employing a high-performance multispectral imaging (MSI) sensor, the ultimate delivers a cutting-edge b...

ievo Control Board for reliable access control

ievo Ltd
The ievo Control Board is a powerful, dedicated fingerprint matching system, supporting any connected ievo fingerprint reader unit. The Control Board acts as the main communication platform for integrated systems, providing secure and highly reliable authentic...

ievo Desktop Registration Units for simple user enrollment

ievo Ltd
ievo desktop registration units are a fast, accurate and simple way of managing the fingerprint enrolment process. Using the ievo USB registration units provides a simple and effective method of enrolling user fingerprints, saving vital time and resources a...

ievo Micro™ Fingerprint Reader for Access Control

ievo Ltd
The ievo micro is the advanced internal only solution expanding the portfolio of ievo solutions to cater for industries looking to secure small to medium-sized facilities. Using a best-in-class optical sensor, the micro delivers a fast, accurate and reliabl...

Enclosed Power Supply & Backup Unit for ievo systems

ievo Ltd
The ievo enclosed PSU has been specifically designed to work with ievo biometric infrastructures, with room to feature both a suitable battery for backup and an ievo control board. The non-intrusive unit is compliant with relevant European directives (CE) a...

ievo Two Line Screen

ievo Ltd
The ievo Time & Attendance Display is a two-line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which synchronises with a Network Time (NTP) server and an ievo biometric solution. Designed to provide a visual confirmation of the time and date recorded against access/entry ev...

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