Search 40+ Commercial Building Boilers from leading Boilers manufacturers including; Baxi Commercial, Bosch Industriekessel and Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd.

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Other popular types of Boilers include; Residential Building Boilers, DHW Storage / Cylinders and Industrial Building Boilers.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Commercial Building Boilers include; Fuel Type, System Type and Width.

Imax Xtra - Floor Standing

Ideal Commercial Heating
The Imax Xtra range of condensing boilers is offered in ten models with outputs from 80 to 560 kW suitable for floor standing application in either single or multiple applications....

Evomod - Floor Standing Modular

Ideal Commercial Heating
Available in 250, 500, 750 and 1000 kW, the Evomod will achieve an output up to 1MW from a single unit solution together with a minimum footprint that enables the product to be installed where space is limited. Each module provides a maximum of 250 kW heat out...