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Other popular types of Boilers include; Residential Building Boilers, DHW Storage / Cylinders and Industrial Building Boilers.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Commercial Building Boilers include; Fuel Type, System Type and Width.

WSM V & WSM T (Water Service Modules)

Controlled Flame Boilers Ltd
WSM V & WSM T (Water Service Modules) Available in two forms: WSM V – Full dearation Includes either spray or trickle dearators to ensure the removal of harmful oxygen in the boiler feed water without requiring costly oxygen scavenging compounds and the as...

CFB Boilers

Controlled Flame Boilers Ltd
Universal Series ULS Precision engineered for quality and reliability,mthis single furnace horizontal shell, wet-back packaged steam boiler offers three-pass technology for excellent energy efficiency. Unlike our competitors’ boilers, the Universal Series ...