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Other popular types of Water Supplies include; Cold Water Storage Tanks, Water Heaters and Solar Collector Panels.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Calorifiers include; Max Height, Min Water Storage and Min Height.

MultiVal CRR

Calorifier with 2 heat exchangers (coil) for heating using 2 heat sources. The primary heat generator is usually a solar energy system. Any heat generator (e.g. heat pumps, biomass boilers, condensing gas/oil boilers) can be used as the additional heat source....

CombiVal CR

Calorifier with 1 heat exchanger (coil) for heating using 1 heat generator. Potential heat sources include e.g. heat pumps, biomass boilers, condensing gas/oil boilers or district heating networks. Supplementary heating can optionally be provided by an electri...