There are whole host of different building materials that can be used to complete an extensive range of building and construction processes, in both residential and commercial environments.

When you’re completing any building work, it’s important that you have the right materials. From concrete and cement, fasteners and anchoring devices, through to brickwork and blockwork materials, and fixing and jointing components, having the right materials for the job will allow you to complete every project to the highest possible standard.

SpecifiedBy allows you to search the market place in order to access and compare a wide variety of high quality building materials from an extensive range of manufacturers such as Ancon Building Products, Brauder and Don Construction Ltd.

LYTAG Structural Concrete

Structural concrete can be produced with an effective reduction in dead weight over that of normal weight concrete. This reduction in dead weight means that considerable savings can be made in foundation and reinforcement costs. It allows for longer cantileve...

LYTAG Precast Concrete

LYTAG LWA is used extensively in a variety of precast products, such as lintels, kerbs, panels, stairs and bespoke units. Its weight saving properties can lead to significant advantages in production techniques and logistics. Larger panel sizes may reduce the ...

LYTAG Land Drainage

LYTAG LWA is an ideal medium for land drainage applications. Its rounded shape and regular grading give excellent hydraulic conductivity. It has been used to construct sports turf pitches, golf course greens and is frequently used in slit trenching, especially...

LYTAG Screed

LYTAG LWA floor and roof screeds offer a wide range of benefits including cost and weight savings in addition to considerably enhanced thermal and sound insulation. LYTAG LWA screeds have been specified for and included in a variety of projects. Their distin...

Geofill® L1, L2 & L3

Geofill® civil engineering bulk fill can be used bonded (with cement) or unbonded (loose) for maximum flexibility. Its free draining properties allow significant reductions in hydrostatic pressure. Geofill® civil engineering bulk fill's low density and rou...

Lytag® LWA

LYTAG LWA is available in different grades and can be used for a number of applications including structural concrete, precast concrete, floor and roof screeds and drainage. LYTAG LWA is made by pelletising fly ash. The result is a hard, honeycombed struc...

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