Search 5 Box Rooflights from leading Flat Rooflights manufacturers including; Glazing Vision Ltd, Surespan Limited and Natralight.

You can see a full list of manufacturers of Box Rooflights here.

Other popular types of Flat Rooflights include; Flat Skylights, Walk-On Rooflights and Sheet Rooflights.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Box Rooflights include; Operation, Finish(es) and Thickness.

Corner Lean-To

The glazed box style rooflight is designed to suit the interior buildings natural lighting and ventilation requirements as a solution to this unique Domestic property in Edinburgh . The system incorporates aluminium top hung opening vents to the vertical elem...

Box-type access rooflight

The Natralight sliding box access type rooflight is the perfect option for roof terrace access. The box rooflight design enables your staircase handrail to continue up to the roof exit point and the fixed vertical panels provide a balustrade to the perimeter ...