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Important criteria to consider when specifying Bioethanol Fires include; Fuel Type, Weight and Glass Coating.

The City automatic

Dru Fire
The City automatic is a classic bioethanol fireplace insert, which is designed to be installed into a traditional brick chimney. It has a polished hearth and grate that matches the style of many traditional gas and wood fire inserts, but without the need fo...

Quadra Drop-in Inside II

Dru Fire
The Quadra Drop-in Inside II is a mid-range, adaptable bioethanol fire that can be utilised to brighten up areas such as kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. This model has two wick burners for a dense flame effect and manual control....

Quadra Base

Dru Fire
The Quadra Base is a deceptively simple, portable bioethanol fire set into a solid rectangular base, which can be located on table-tops or worktops anywhere around the home. The clean lines and minimalist design of Quadra Base make it a perfect addition to...

The City

Dru Fire
The City is a traditional bioethanol inset fireplace, which can be inserted into a standard brick chimney. It has a shiny hearth and grate that is in harmony with most classic gas and wood fires, but without any flue pipes or gas connections....

Quadra Drop-in Inside III

Dru Fire
The Quadra Drop-in Inside III is the largest model in the range with three wick burners for the densest possible flame effect and manual control. It is the perfect solution to add atmosphere to living room furniture, kitchen worktops, dining tables and many...

Quadra U Inside I automatic

Dru Fire
Quadra U Inside I automatic is a 3-sided U-shaped bioethanol fire with all round visual appeal, making a vibrant and absorbing construction feature in sitting rooms, hotels, brasseries and many other places. It can be fitted into partition brick or stud wal...

Quadra FD Inside I automatic

Dru Fire
Quadra FD Inside I automatic is a spectacular see-through bioethanol fire, which can be inserted into partition walls and other building structures. The exquisite flames mirrored in their shielded glass screens can be seen from either side of the wall or...

Passo E

Dru Fire
The ebios-fire Passo E is a modern, cylindrical freestanding bioethanol stove that brings warmth, comfort and splendour to any home, apartment or leisure location. It has a sophisticated remote-control system that allows for 5 separate flame heights as well...


Dru Fire
The ebios-fire Nano has all the elements of a contemporary, freestanding stove. As well as being an elegant feature in the living room, it has flames that can be adjusted to various levels, as well as timer and room temperature controls using a touch screen...