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Other popular types of Structural Floor Systems include; Decking, Composite Slab and Insulated.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Beam/Plank & Block include; Material(s), Typical Use and Width.


Tarmac Building Products
FASTFLOOR BEAM AND BLOCK flooring system comprises inverted T-beams infilled with either Topcrete dense aggregate block or alternatively our preferred lightweight aggregate Hemelite block. This traditional building method using modern materials is an effect...


Tarmac Building Products
FASTFLOOR RAPID flooring system combines our inverted T-beams with Durox aircrete large format blocks which will deliver a more flexibility in the design of the floor whilst reducing build times and the number of beams required on site. Ideal for use in bo...


Tarmac Building Products
FASTFLOOR THERMAL incorporates Springvale s Beamshield Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Flooring Block, delivering the ultimate solution for reducing thermal bridging with no additional insulation required. Suitable for ground floors....