Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings are the essential elements in any bathroom that cater for health, hygiene and personal washing requirements – so that’s everything from baths, showers, and toilets, through to cubicles, hand dryers, and mobility support solutions.

Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings have a number of applications in a wide range of scenarios, including domestic properties, schools, care homes, gyms, hotels, shops, and many more.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the marketplace and access and compare the most extensive range of Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings products in the UK, including cubicle systems, vanity units, taps, washbasins, WCs, hand dryers, lockers, and compact videos from key suppliers such as Kingkraft, Crosswater, Bette UK, and Armitage Shanks.

EL600 Ultra Low Energy Hand Dryer

Warner Howard
The EL600 offers a great value for money, ultra low energy hand dryer, and with its lightweight yet durable construction is ideal for most washroom environments. Ultra low energy just 600W Cool air for warmer washrooms and lower running costs IP22 rating A...

EL1100W Low Energy warm air Hand Dryer

Warner Howard
The EL1100W is a high speed, low energy, warm air hand dryer which offers great value for money. Its lightweight yet durable construction is ideal for most washroom environments. Low energy 1100W rating 600W motor with 500W heating element Automatic opera...

AIRSTREAM PURE Filtered Air Hand Dryer

Warner Howard
Introducing our AIRSTREAM PURE®. Pure filtered air for hygienically dry hands Provision of hand cleaning and drying facilities is a legal requirement for any business, and with poor hand hygiene contributing to the spread of germs, it makes sound business ...

AIRSTREAM WHISPER Certified Quiet - Warm hand Dryer

Warner Howard
Click to view more imagesClick to view more images Introducing our AIRSTREAM WHISPER®. Certified Quiet. Warm in use. The AIRSTREAM WHISPER® is one of the quietest hand dryers in its class*, making it the perfect solution for primary schools, nurseries, o...

AIRSTREAM VITESSE High Speed, Low Energy hand Dryer

Warner Howard
Introducing our AIRSTREAM VITESSE®. High Speed. Low Energy Did you know? Drying hands thoroughly is as important as washing them, as damp hands can spread up to 1000 times more bacteria than dry hands, making the provision of an efficient and effective ...

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