Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings are the essential elements in any bathroom that cater for health, hygiene and personal washing requirements – so that’s everything from baths, showers, and toilets, through to cubicles, hand dryers, and mobility support solutions.

Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings have a number of applications in a wide range of scenarios, including domestic properties, schools, care homes, gyms, hotels, shops, and many more.

Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the marketplace and access and compare the most extensive range of Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings products in the UK, including cubicle systems, vanity units, taps, washbasins, WCs, hand dryers, lockers, and compact videos from key suppliers such as Kingkraft, Crosswater, Bette UK, and Armitage Shanks.

Xeista Vanity Tops

Xeista vanity tops bring you a choice of materials and styles to suit your particular design brief and budget. Granite real stone with all the character that comes with a natural product Quartz Man-made stone providing a similar feel to Granite but with m...

Marante' Toilet Cubicles

Adaptable and chic, Marant is minimal washroom styling at its best. The flush surface appearance is achieved with a unique design of pilaster, rebated to run in-line with the doors, and creates an impressive elegance. The panelled look is complemented by the ...

Prism Mirror Box Vanity Unit

Combining contemporary styling with convenient storage An innovative mix of multifunctional design, concealed storage and sleek styling, the Prism Mirror Box System reflects the aesthetic and functional needs of modern commercial washrooms. The hinged mirrore...

Marin Toilet Cubicles

When it comes to shower environments no system performs better than the Marin cubicle system. With impressive water-resistant qualities it withstands the humidity of such areas without adverse effect. The sheer durability of the system means that the rigours o...

Mystiq Toilet Cubicles

This range is designed for those who want the elegant in-line look but want to only pay the price of a standard cubicle system. A flush fronted full height system which has a clean design and high privacy for users. Its simple but clever design ensures it can...

Mirage Toilet Cubicles

Creative and modern glass cubicles with minimalist stainless steel hardware. The strong aesthetic appeal of this robust system, with rimless glass panels will help to create an upmarket, minimalist washroom. High opacity privacy glass is naturally resistant ...

Superloo - All-in-one unisex facility

The superloo is a space-saving single unit, complete with a toilet pan and washbasin for use by either gender. Maximising limited interior space, it is the ideal option when a stylish, compact solution is required. The vanity unit, from Maxwood s Xaron range, ...

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