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B-127 Veranda / Pergola

Broadview Blinds Ltd
The B-127 Veranda is a flexible conservatory awning system where the guides can be installed up to 1 m in from the edges of the conservatory. Thanks to the unique design of the B-127, conservatories with beveled corners can be completely covered. The B-127 is...

Twinstor - Awnings

Broadview Blinds Ltd
THE TWINSTOR dramatically increases the shade of each surface terrace. The TWINSTOR is the best solution to enjoy your terrace or garden. With safe blinds, fabric and accessories are optimally protected from the weather. The blinds are the TWINSTOR Available a...

B-50 Awning Range

Broadview Blinds Ltd
The Brustor B-50 has a compact and fully enclosed cassette casing which excels not only aesthetically but also technically. The awning B-50 is available up to 5,50 m with a 3 m maximum projection. This awning can easily be mounted by simply hooking it into the...

B-126 - Awnings

Broadview Blinds Ltd
The motorized B-126 is an awning with lateral guides for conservatories, greenhouses and inclined glass roofs. The lateral guide system offers an extension up to 1m25 over the front of your conservatory. The specially designed cassette casing prevents leave...

B-34 Awning Range

Broadview Blinds Ltd
The affordable Brustor B-34 XL boasts a projection up to 3 m and a maximum width of 6 m. This awning comes with a motor, but can optionally be equipped with a gear....

B-27 Awning Range

Broadview Blinds Ltd
Retractable awnings B-27 in Prestige, Elite and standard version distinguish with their contemporary rectangular shape. All three models are appropriate for modern houses and can also be built into the façade. They’re technically identical to the B-25 mo...