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Other popular types of Automatic Doors include; Automatic Sliding Doors, Door Opener / Motors and Automatic Curved Sliding Doors.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Automatic Swing Doors include; Height, Width and Max Width.

Besam SW100 - Low to Medium High Traffic

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
The Besam SW100 is one of the most intelligent swing door operators available on the market and its low-energy performance means it can be a very cost-effective option for automating a swing door entrance. Battery back-up and monitoring ensures operation even...

Besam PowerSwing - Medium to High Traffic

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
The PowerSwing is a fire-approved electrohydraulic operator designed for external and internal swing doors. Robust and durable, the PowerSwing is suitable for applications requiring heavy doors in high-traffic environments, like hospital corridors and busy ret...

Besam SW200i - Surface Mount

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
If you design or manage facilities with automatic swing doors, you know the challenges they can create. In addition to having difficulty closing when faced with wind or stack pressure, they often fail to fully latch or close, and can be hard to open manually. ...

Besam Frame Swing

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
Besam Frame Swing Door Systems are built from our Frame profile system with integrated finger trap protection. Combining elegant design with the practicalities that come with an automated swing door entrance. Ideal for inserting into new openings or replacing ...

Besam Blast Enhanced - Swing

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems
Besam’s ADS BP Swing door system provides a tested high performance solution with heavy duty swing door automation provided by the IKS-A operator. Designed specifically for this purpose the system derives the maximum benefit from the membrane action of lamin...