Search 8 Automatic Parking Systems from leading Transport manufacturers including; Strongman Tools, Total Parking & Lifting Solutions and Double Parking Systems.

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Other popular types of Transport include; Platform Lifts, Loading Docks and Inclined Stairlifts.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Automatic Parking Systems include; Finish(es), Warranty and Location Suitability.

Puzzle Parking System. A five space example. Public, office or apartment parking solution. Excellent for outdoor or indoor use.

Strongman Tools
These puzzle parking lifts give the great benefit of being able to access any car on the lift stack without having to get in to any other vehicle. This design is available in a wide array of configurations; up to 6 levels high and built in units of three wi...

Four Post Pit Parking System. Excellent under ground car parking system suitable for single units or as multiple parking systems. Residential and Commercial applications.

Strongman Tools
Underground car parking lift: A most versatile four post design is both economical and straightforward to operate. These lifts can be installed as single units or as shown in some of the CAD illustrations and drawings as multiple units of up to maximum height...