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MS Parquet Adhesive

Woodpecker Flooring
Made specifically for use with Woodpecker floors, MS Parquet is recognised for its quality. In just 30 minutes, it will secure wood boards. Even once it's fully cured (after 24 hours), it is still flexible enough to accommodate the natural expansion and contra...

WP50 Sausages

Woodpecker Flooring
Applied using a bulk gun, WP50 adhesive is designed for use with Woodpecker’s Acoustamat underlay to form a liquid batten system. The adhesive remains permanently flexible once cured, allowing for the expansion and contraction of wood boards between seasons....

Flooring Grade PVA

Woodpecker Flooring
Woodpecker's flooring grade PVA is the ideal adhesive for bonding tongue and groove hardwood floorboards. It's highly concentrated, easy to apply, solvent-free and dries within four hours. A premium, flooring grade PVA adhesive ideal for bonding tongue and ...