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Other popular types of Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles, Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles and Hygienic Ceiling Panels & Tiles.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Colour, Width and Length.

Quietstone Standard High Impact Acoustic Panels

Quietstone UK Ltd
The Toughest Ever Made Constructed using specially bonded aggregates, these high impact acoustic panels can withstand almost anything you throw at them. Quietstone Fire Range has been used in various fire ranges up and down the country. Finishes We can ma...

Acoustic Ceiling Panels Quietceiling

Quietstone UK Ltd
Acoustic ceiling panels that look good, perform well and are practical. Quietstone specialise in acoustic solutions so all our acoustic ceiling systems have excellent sound absorbing qualities. In addition these acoustic ceiling panels are hard wearing, yet...