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Other popular types of Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles, Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles and Hygienic Ceiling Panels & Tiles.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Colour, Width and Length.


Eomac UK Limited
HIGH-IMPACT acoustic panels stand up to abuse and contact common in high traffic areas. 20 mm thick panels can be provided with plain or perforated core to achieve specific acoustic performance requirements. HIGH-IMPACT installs quickly and easily. ...

TOPLINE - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Eomac UK Limited
TOPLINE wood veneered wall and ceiling panels provide high-end acoustics through a unique miling and groove pattern. Panels are manufactured with tongue and groove edge detail for a seamless connection between panels. ...

HPLART - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Eomac UK Limited
eomac’s wide range of acoustic panels can be finished in printed high-pressure laminate. The panels absorb sound energy through various standard and custom groove or perforation patterns. Each panel type has been independently tested to verify acoustic perf...

GRILL - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Eomac UK Limited
GRILL wood veneered acoustic wall and ceiling panels are available with variety of standard and custom blade configurations, module sizes, and two connection options - backer and dowel. GRILL panels install quickly and easily. ...

PLANK - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Eomac UK Limited
PLANK wall and ceiling system is available with standard and custom plank widths and spacing between planks. The PLANK system is quick and easy to install....


Eomac UK Limited
CARVED WOOD panels consist of a specialised, extra thick real wood veneer finish. The veneer is texturised through a specialised process to achieve a very unique, organic look. The texturised finish contributes a highly durable decorative effect and also helps...


Eomac UK Limited
PULSAR BAFFLE system consists of CLICK PULSAR textile moulded acoustic tiles combined with an aluminium structural T frame. The system is suspended on edge from above, with both sides exposed. Structural T frame comes with pre-installed eye hooks to hang the...


Eomac UK Limited
DIFFUSION PANELS are constructed from MDF and real wood veneers. Finishes are available in over 40 wood species, natural, stained or colouredany Pantone, RAL or NCS reference. Please also view CARVED WOOD. ...


Eomac UK Limited
Connects seamlessly with one another SOUNDTUBE acoustic wall and ceiling panels are based on fire retardant tubular core and finished with the highest quality hardwood veneer. The veneer is doubly lacquered, providing a stunning finish that is both elegant ...


Eomac UK Limited
MINI-MICRO is a 17 mm thick wood veneered acoustic wall and ceiling panel, providing high-end acoustic performance through regular or irregular mini-micro perforations on the view-side. MINI-MICRO installs quickly and easily. ...


Eomac UK Limited
In addition to veneer, eomac’s wide range of acoustic panels can be finished in high pressure laminate (HPL), custom staining and PANTONE, RAL or NCS colour matching. ...