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Other popular types of Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Perforated Ceiling Panels & Tiles, Plain Ceiling Panels & Tiles and Hygienic Ceiling Panels & Tiles.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles include; Colour, Width and Length.

Cleancare - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Burgess CEP
Whether it’s a restaurant, office, hospital or washroom - wherever you need to depend on exceptional levels of hygiene, Cleancare hygienic ceiling tiles can be relied upon to deliver both performance and aesthetic appeal. With a specially formulated, attract...

Classcare - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Burgess CEP
Lightweight. Contemporary. Easy to handle. Ideally suited to your educational sector project, Classcare acoustic ceiling tiles have a delicate textured finish and are available in a range of edge finishes to complement your design. Classcare’s fresh white fi...

Classcare Plus dB

Burgess CEP
There are many benefits to CEP’s Classcare dB Plus acoustic ceiling tile. Not only is it aesthetically impressive... Classcare Plus dB utilises the same durable, baseboard as Classcare dB tiles but with an acoustic fleece bonded to the face. This creates a c...

Classcare Plus

Burgess CEP
Classcare Plus is specifically designed for education buildings and spaces. It has a tough, bright painted tissue face which enhances scratch and face damage resistance. Classcare Plus offers Class C sound absorption to help reduce reverberation times and enab...


Burgess CEP
Tough. Bright. Acoustically advanced. With an effective Class C acoustic absorption, Acoustique is designed to work in most environments. With its modern look and clean, crisp finish it is ideal for a whole range of sectors and applications: including communal...


Burgess CEP
As its name might suggest, CEP’s acoustic ceiling tile Classcare 19 is ideal for all your educational design projects. Classcare 19 is created from a unique 19mm thick baseboard which offers an excellent combination of high acoustic absorption and sound atte...

Cinema - Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Tiles

Burgess CEP
Add drama and design impact to your cinema project, with CEP’s unique Cinema tiles. Specifically created for your sector application, and for environments where exceptional acoustic performance is a priority, these acoustic ceiling tiles offer excellent atte...

Classcare dB

Burgess CEP
With its excellent room to room attenuation properties, Classcare dB offers great all round acoustic performance - making these acoustic ceiling tiles perfect for situations where privacy and clarity of sound are essential factors. Featuring a contemporary, li...

Acoustique DB

Burgess CEP
When acoustic precision is a must, Acoustique dB is the acoustic ceiling tile of choice. An extremely high performance acoustic product, CEP Ceiling’s Acoustique dB ceiling tile ensures excellent acoustic absorption and attenuation, thanks to a unique acoust...