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NMC - Copley

NMC-Copley provides an extensive range of covings, dado, ceiling centres and skirting as well as architraves, columns and pilasters for use in all types of residential DIY, commercial decorator and interior design renovation projects.

Our lightweight decorative mouldings combine style and technical characteristics without parallel.

Established in 1977 NMC-Copley have the experience, technology and professionalism to provide the modern day decorator with the products needed to give their project that extra special finish.

Find us at:

NMC - Copley
Unit 1 East, Bridge Road
Brompton on Swale

DL10 7HS
P: 01969 623410

NMC - Copley products

WT5 2m Coving image
WT5 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z11 2m Coving image
Z11 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z1240 2m Coving image
Z1240 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z16 2m Coving image
Z16 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z17 2m Coving image
Z17 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z18 2m Coving image
Z18 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z20 2m Coving image
Z20 2m Coving NMC - Copley
Z21 2m Coving image
Z21 2m Coving NMC - Copley

NMC - Copley reviews


by Adrian Smith Smith, Interior Designer
Good service all round

by Adrian Smith Smith

by brenda nevah

Very quick reply to my email regarding fitting of coving, the information I asked for was answered and has helped me to fit the coving.

by Mike. Bulless

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