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Logovisual Ltd

Specialists in visual thinking and planning systems, and with a passion for problem solving and innovation, we have 25+ year experience in helping clients make their processes visible, enabling them to see and think collaboratively; share understanding; manage complexity and turn problems into creative opportunity.

Clients often come to us with a very clear idea of what their processes are, and what they need from us in terms of a visual thinking or planning solution. They might need a planning system for the production office; they might need a bespoke size whiteboard wall for a boardroom; they might need a way to create collaboration zones in an open plan workspace; they might need a ThinkingWall in every classroom, or they might need a training aid that fits in a shoulder bag. We are always happy to solve practical issues and tailor a solution fit for purpose.

Find us at:

Logovisual Ltd
Unit 5B, Millennium Road
Airedale Business Centre
Skipton, North Yorkshire
BD23 2TZ
P: 01756 792 300

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