Tower Festivals Headland Tower using the Lignacite Roman Brick

Tower Festivals Headland Tower

Architect: dRMM

Using Planished Snowstorm with recycled glass

The Tower of Love, perched on the Blackpool seafront was designed by dRMM and incorporates Lignacite’s planished Roman Brick, a product developed in collaboration with the architect.

The concept was to create a civic space that framed couples between the ocean and the Blackpool Tower, as they exchanged their marriage vows. At ground level a restaurant connects promenade and horizon views.

Festival House has outwardly pitched walls, exaggerating its scale from all angles. The engineered timber construction is set on a plinth. The Roman Brick has been used as cladding to protect the walls from the Atlantic weather.

The blocks are made from recycled glass which is bound together in a limestone matrix and then planished. Planishing is a technique that creates a polished finish, but with a degree of texture.

On the main building it has been stepped to create small overhangs and interest with additional shadow. The overall result combines recycling and sculptural form.

Other examples of how the Roman Brick has been successfully used by architects and designers can be seen by visiting ‘Projects’ on our website.

The Lignacite Roman Brick

Lignacite’s Roman Bricks are available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, offering a contemporary and flexible module for Architects and Designers.

Why Choose Our Roman Brick - The Roman Brick is either cut from our standard size block, or formed in a special block machine mould, we can therefore offer this format in all of our colours and texture combinations to create a large variety of different effects. Polished and Planished finishes allow crisp, clean lines, whilst splitting or shot blasting the product creates a softer more weathered appearance.

How it’s Made - As with all Lignacite products, Roman Bricks are manufactured from a range of different aggregates and incorporate a high percentage of recycled materials such as shell, glass and mother of pearl.

The Benefits - The Roman Brick has many benefits:

• One hand lift

• Double the length of a standard brick 

• Reduces labour time due to the dynamic size

• Contemporary alternative to standard brick and block

• Compliments materials such as glazing and wood

For further information

Samples of our blocks and Swatch Guides showing all our Architectural Facing Masonry finishes can be requested via our websites. Design guidance booklets, specifications and datasheets can also be downloaded from the Technical Library on our website. 

Our 30 minute CPD covers key information for designing with and specifying blockwork, to find out more please visit or call on 01842 810678.

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