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Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd
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by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd


by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd

CoirFence is a new system designed for easy creation of retaining geocells, and stabilisation fencing, on embankments where top soil is vulnerable to slipage during vegetation establishment.

The tough CoirFence strips restrain and reinforce the friable surface mantle; providing stable conditions for an effective binding root mass to development and pentrate the underlying subsoil, or fractures and fissures in the bedrock (Where density and shear strengths are higher). The coir fibre fencing also act as a wick which encourages infiltration of water - reducing surface runoff and improving soil drainage.

The system has also been successfully used on water margins to encourage sedimentation and the re-growth of reed beds. The low CoirFence diamond grid dissipates energy from incoming waves, while trapping and filtering out sediment from water passing through it. The system therefore protects both the newly formed sediment deposits and young reed plants until vegetation is well established.

CoirFence provides a flexible, effective, and practical, natural fibre alternative to non degradable synthetic geotextiles, or expensive and labour intensive wickerwork. The system is also kind to the environment as the coir fabric decomposes gradually over 5 to 10 years, integrating with the soil and newly developed root network.

Unlike similar products currently supplied by some companies, Hy-Tex CoirFence is constructed with true return weave selvedges - improving fabric strength and eliminating edge fraying. In addition, as part of the quality Hy-Tex range of coir products CoirFence is imported directly from Brothers Coir Mills, a highly regarded Indian manufacturer.

The system consists of wooden stakes, or steel rods (rocky ground), and Hy-Tex CoirFence fabric, arranged in either diamond or parallel patterns. The posts are driven firmly into the prepared ground, perpendicular to the surface at regular intervals, leaving the equivalent to the fence height protruding. On rocky slopes holes must be pre-drilled.CoirFence is then unrolled and fixed to the uphill side of the posts with 18mm staples, binding wire or cable ties. Next soil is added directly to the cells and spread evenly with a hoe or shovel. Finally suitable seeds, plants and/or trees are introduced to development permanent stabilisation. In addition, where site conditions require, one of the extensive range of Hy-Tex erosion control meshes, or blankets, can be also secured over the surface to provide further protection.


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