Which heater should I pick and what controllers should I use?

CASE STUDY: Uncovered/exposed patio in private garden or pub garden etc (i.e no awning or rain / shade sail) measuring at (5 X 5m, 10m2)

--> Heater suggestion: Single Model of the 2kW Tansun Sorrento which has a heat coverage of up to 11m sq. As the patio area 10m sq we would opt for the higher kW power wattage of the single model. £221
--> Where: Minimum mounting floor height 2m, Min distance from ceiling 0.3m or Min distance from side wall 1m

Simple control option - Receiver paired with a control

--> Receiver: Tansun 2kW RC receiver  £132
--> Control: Tansun Remote Control Handset - wireless wall fixed unit, with dimmer function of four pre-set levels; 100%, 75%, 50% and off £47

Intelligent control option - Receiver & control operated 3 ways; manually, by remote, by APP as one package 

--> Receiver & control: Quartzheat Eco-Control 3kW. This product allows 3 methods of controlling your heater; 
    - Manual via the toggle switch
    - Remote control via the hand held controller
    - Remote control via a dedicated Bluetooth App (iOS or Android) £160

Both choices result in a infrared heater covering your patio area, emitting infrared heat unaffected by wind and controlled by remote! 


Alternatively if you required heat for the same area but required a heater with ultra low glare so as not to spoil the environment or view, you could install a Single Model of the 1.5kW Tansun Monaco Ultra Low Glare with a heat coverage of up to 11m sq. £251. Both control options apply. 

CASE STUDY: Garage/Workshop of average size measuring at 6 X 3m with a ceiling height of 3m, 18m2

--> Heater suggestion: Herschel Colorado with remote 2.5kW with a heat coverage of 10-18m2 when indoors, with a warm-up time of 5-10 seconds you won't have to wait long before you warm up in your garage! £359

--> Where: Minimum 50cm between heater and ceiling or other object, 2.4-3.5m from floor. Must be installed at an angled from the ceiling or wall, or straight only on walls. Alternatively, this heater can be mounted on a stand which allows the Colorado to be placed temporarily exactly where you need the heat (surcharge)
--> Control: Heater has the option to come with a remote (small surcharge) with 4 power settings (100%; 75%; 50%; 25%) and can be timer controlled for up to 9 hours. This heater therefore does not require you to purchase a receiver or controller as an extra. 


CASE STUDY: 3 bedroom fully insulated new-build house full insulated, 2 bathrooms, 1 lounge, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 conservatory, 2 hallways c.130m sq

--> Heater suggestionEach bedroom (around 3 x3 m) requires 450W (as per the Wattage Calculator) - install the IHP Mounted Infrared Heater Panel (IHP480rw - 480W) and mount each onto the ceiling, above the bed. 
Both bathrooms (around 2.5 x 2.5 m) requires 250W (as per the Wattage Calculator) - install the Herschel Select XL Towel Rail Heater (350W) which a mirror finish, functioning as a towel rail, towel heater and bathroom heater and mount each on to the wall. 
Lounge (around 5 x 5, 25m sq) requires 1250W - install 2 X IHP Printed Infrared Heater Panel (IHP640rw - 640W) with any image or design printed directly onto the panel, to fully integrate the heater into your sitting room, onto the walls. 
Dining room (around 4 x 4 m, 16m sq) requires 800W - install Herschel Select Infrared White Panel Heater (HS700-W, 700W) onto the ceiling.         
Kitchen (around 3 x 4 m, 12 m sq) requires 750W - install the Herschel Inspire - Blackboard heater (750W) onto the wall, you can write shopping lists, memos and reminders. 
Conservatory (around 4 X 4 m, 16m sq) requires 800W - install Herschel Inspire Frameless White Panel Heater (CL-820L - 820W) especially designed to fit on dwarf walls in conservatories which are long and narrow. 
Hallways (around 8 x 1.5 in total) requires 300W each - install the IHP Mounted Infrared Heater Panel (IHP320rw - 320W) and mounted onto the ceiling. Total W= 6,290W / 6.290kW. £4,195

--> Receiver: Hershel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver (max load 2.3kW). NB location and quantity depends on which rooms you use at similar times, which rooms you only occasionally use and which rooms you desire at different temperatures. For this example we will install 5 wireless receivers in total; 1 connecting the 3 bedrooms and upstairs hallway (total 1,746W), 1 connecting the 2 bathrooms (total 700W), 1 connecting the lounge, kitchen and downstairs hallway (total 2330W), 1 in the dining room (total 700W) and 1 in the conservatory. The grouping and quantity of receivers is based on the idea that the household desires all 3 bedrooms to be warm at the same time and at the same temperature along along with the hallway used to access those rooms; bathrooms used at similar times; the lounge, kitchen and hallway are frequently used for example in the evening, whilst the dining room may only be used for an hour in the evening or very occasionally for occasions; finally, the conservatory may need to be at a higher/lower (winter/ summer) temperature due to its glass exposure to the outdoors. £190 
--> Control: Herschel iQ WH1 Central Control Unit (max configuration of zones 6), only one is required because the total zones is 5. This allows the 5 zones to be controlled individually by this central control unit, allowing different temperatures and schedules. £179

TOTAL COST £4,564 - Providing full house heating, 2 towel rails, 2 printed images and 1 blackboard. 

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