Heat My Space: Feeling Chilly at Your Desk? Install Heat My Space Under Desk Heater Only £84!
  • Unique, Angled Swept-Back Sides Give the Illusion of a Floating Frame of Zero Thickness
  • Available as Single or Double Grids | Angled Models Available for Corners & Under Desks
  • With Brackets and Fixings for Wall or Ceiling Mounting | IHP 10 Year Guarantee
  • Available in Black and White as Standard | Custom Colour, Sizes and Shapes Available 

Infrared Heater Panels (IHP) have 30 years of engineering design experience who offers range of heating products with extremely efficient operation, all of which are made in Britain. Designed to be angled for mounting in room corners and under desks 59.5 X 29.5 cm | 160W. Available in both black and white colours.

Custom colours, sizes and shapes are also available, however these may involve a slight increase in price and lead time. They are high performance far infrared heaters which look superb when mounted on either ceilings or walls. Their unique, angled swept-back sides give the illusion of a floating frame of zero thickness. The product is engineered to a design that allows the panels to be virtually flush with the wall or ceiling, further enhancing its modern, stylish, unobtrusive look. We are able to advise on the best combinations to fit your project.

  • The Infrared Radiant Panel (IHP) is a lightweight, high performance radiant heater designed to provide comfort by warming objects and people just like the sun does (but with no UV rays) without having to warm the air.
  • These panels are ideal for both spot heating in high heat loss areas or as a full central heating system. Panels may be installed side by side or individually in areas requiring additional heat.

The IHP has been designed for use attached to a ceiling or wall using brackets.

Key features of the panel include

– A highly thermally conductive aluminium emitting plate with a high emissivity polymer coating to ensure maximum radiant efficiency

– Multi stage insulation to minimise rear panel energy losses

– A unique light weight, floating frame design that looks great when fixed to a wall or ceiling

– A safety over-temperature trip to protect the panel from overheating if accidentally covered

– A British Standard three metre of flex which must be wired into an external thermostatic and timed control system.

Sizing Recommendations

– Power requirements need to consider both the total heat load and warm up times. For an insulated, domestic installation where heating is on continuously, 50 watts per square metre is recommended. Additional wattage maybe required when heating is used intermittently or when fast warm-ups times are required

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