HEAT MY SPACE Answers - Why Choose Infrared Heating? Go Electric, Go Green!

Why Choose Infrared Heating?

✓ Massive Cost Benefits to Businesses

✓ Instant Natural Heat, Silent, No Fumes or Emissions 

✓ Very Efficient with Smart Controls

✓ Infrared Warms People, Objects & Building Structures

✓ Reduces Dust Movement

✓ Increases Footfall - Increase Revenue 

✓ Low Maintenance, Simple Installation

The Huge Positives of Heat My Space?

✓ We have a huge range of infrared heaters for any situation, business, public area or home. We are not constricted or biased to one brand!

✓ Expert Product Knowledge

✓ Personal Service Guaranteed

✓ Free Delivery & Desktop Design Service

✓ Very Competitive Prices - Never never accept a quote for infrared heating without first getting in contact with Heat My Space!

✓ Free desktop design services

✓ We know our products and in which environments they operate optimally. We will quote you the RIGHT heater at the RIGHT price

The Advantages of Heat My Space Infrared Heaters?

✓ We offer only the very best, top of the range, quality infrared heaters. Our products are superior, built to last & constructed by market leading manufacturers  

✓ Their absolute quality ensures the heaters offer maximum efficiency, effectiveness & heat projection. Ensuring you have chosen a much more green & healthier alternative to conventional heating whilst also making huge energy & cost savings. Not not mention a more attractive & space saving form of heating

✓ Prices Include VAT, Manufacturers Warranty & UK Mainland Delivery


Do not hesitate to get in contact with us with any questions or queries! We are a friendly family run business. 

Visit www.heatmyspace.co.uk, Email heatmyspace@sherlockandwatson.co.uk, call 01590 615 715 or simply message us on our online chat!

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